Social Media Marketing: Here’s Why High-Quality Images Are Everything

Social Media Marketing Here is Why High-Quality Images Are Everything

Looking to up your social media game? In 2021, it’s a must, and acquiring high-quality images is the perfect place to start.

A social media marketing strategy takes a lot of researching, planning, testing, and adjusting. But in the mix of all this, make sure that you’re not overlooking the importance of having creative and eye-catching images to compliment your efforts. Today, we’re talking about the value images have on your social media strategy.

Images Have a Bigger Impact

Kristen Krupps explains that, “A good visual is crucial for expressing an idea quickly and effectively getting through all the clutter that we experience every day – online and in real life.” Humans tend to be visual learners, so when we see an image representing a message, it will resonate with us more than a few simple words. While captions are essential, nothing beats having high-quality images that get your point across while capturing the viewer’s attention. 

Think of it this way, if you saw an ad on social media with no image that said, “this red dress is so flattering you’ll think it was made for you,” would you even think once about clicking on the ad? Probably not. But if you saw an ad that had the picture of the beautiful red dress, you’d probably be much more likely to click on the ad, or navigate to the business page, or even buy the dress. All because of the difference an image can make.

Establish Credibility

According to one of our Social Media Specialists, Kellie Hack, “Quality images will establish your brand’s credibility. If your page is filled with images that appeal to your audience, people will keep scrolling through your feed. Which will lead to a follow, which will eventually lead to a conversion.” She then goes on to say, “Very few people will buy from a brand that doesn’t put the time and effort into their social pages to make them look good because it doesn’t look reputable.” 

High-Quality Images Are Shareable Images 

Here’s a question to ponder: What is the goal of your social media post? Most companies would say “to make more sales,” right? Well, how do you get more sales? By retaining loyal customers and by acquiring new customers. But what if you were able to “employ” your loyal customers to reach your new customers? If your images are on-brand and high-quality, there’s a much higher chance that your customers would be willing to share your brand and its associated images on their social media pages. It’s as simple as this: high-quality pictures make you a brand that people are willing to talk about and recommend. 

Tips for Creating High-Quality Images for Social Media 

Here’s our top 10 tips on how you can create better, high-quality images for your social media pages: 

  1. Showcase your company, its product or services, your community, and your mission
  2. Create a color palette that you can pull from for all your images 
  3. If you choose to use stock images, resize them to fit correctly for each social media site 
  4. Create a canva account or something similar for posting quotes, testimonials, and other text images
  5. Hire a professional photographer and a graphic designer
  6. Create eye-catching infographics
  7. Use images that trigger an emotion that’s on-brand for you
  8. Optimize your images for mobile device display 
  9. Use contrasting colors that will make the subject of the image stand out
  10. Think about what is trending and use that to your advantage

REVITY Marketing Agency’s Social Media and Graphic Design Teams Have Your Back 

At REVITY, we have the teams and tools to achieve success with your social media marketing strategy by creating and posting your high-quality images. As a full-service marketing agency, we’re dedicated to delivering proven results that will increase your bottom line. We work with all types of businesses, small and large, local or international. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request a proposal from our awesome team!

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