Revity Partners with 10,000 Beds To Help Provide Mental Health Services

Mental health has been a taboo topic for quite some time. Fortunately, there are individuals working tirelessly to not only bring this topic to light, but also assist those with mental illness or addiction receive the help they need. Jean Krisle, founder and CEO of 10,000 Beds is one such person.

Her mission is a simple one – recovery. And with the help of Revity Solutions, she and many others are one step closer to achieving this mission.

The truth is that nearly half of those with a mental disorder never get the necessary professional treatment. And many of those individuals have several other chronic diseases or conditions that require further treatment. This can make it very difficult for someone with mental illness to get the help they need. When battling several undiagnosed or untreated conditions, it is all too easy for these individuals to end up in prison, to end up on the streets, or in some cases, worse. To become a contributing member of society, they need treatment. The unfortunate reality is, those who need treatment the most may not have the resources necessary to get help.

The non-profit 10,000 Beds was born by Jean Krisle in an effort to raise awareness for the empty beds in treatment centers throughout the United States, while far too many people in need of treatment don’t have access to those beds because of a lack of resources. Each year 10,000 Beds awards one scholarship, or bed, to someone who is ready to change their life.

But that’s not enough. Jean and her husband Hal have embarked on a year-long road trip across the country to connect new and existing treatment program partners, connect those affected by substance use disorders, fight for those in need of treatment, and bring a taboo topic to light in a positive way. For 2017 and part of 2018, they are #ontheroad4recovery in a 40-foot RV.

By partnering with various companies, 10,000 Beds has been able provide more beds for those in need. And with the help of Revity Solutions, their message will go further than ever. As experts in marketing, social media management, video services, and web design (just to name a few) Revity hopes to further 10,000 Bed’s mission.

Because mental health is an important topic that affects many in Utah, across the country, and the world, Revity is honored to volunteer their exceptional services to run the 10,000 Beds website and marketing campaign.

As 10,000 Beds makes their way across the country to continue their mission of recovery, Revity  will continue the fight from American Fork, Utah.

By creating more involvement and awareness of the challenges those with mental illness face, Revity will help spread the reality of recovery with proper care, and help those who need it most get into one of those 10,000 beds.

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