Does SEO Last Forever?

Do your SEO efforts last forever? The truth is that there is no clear answer to this question because of the always changing nature of SEO and the variability of each website. The short answer is—not exactly. A small website run by a local company on a template platform with very few or no competitors and an average amount of content will be impacted by SEO differently than a large international company on a custom designed site with hundreds of competitors and endless content.

SEO requires ongoing work.

SEO—or search engine optimization—gets traffic to your site by obtaining search engine rankings for different keyword searches. All of this traffic comes from somewhere, mainly your competitors that previously had the traffic. Just as you got the traffic, you can lose the traffic. When you stop focusing on SEO, the flow of traffic that comes from it slows and eventually stops. But this result will differ based on your competitors and the strength of yours and their SEO. There are many factors that go into your SEO.

Invest in SEO.

Investing time and money into SEO will pay off in the long run, it is a long-term marketing tactic. You may not see results from your SEO efforts for up to six months. The longer you invest in SEO the more it will benefit you over time. It’s hard to nail down an exact timeline of when your SEO will start benefitting you and how long it will last, but typically these things will be impacted by your current traffic, domain age, meta descriptions, geographic locations, keywords, competition, and target market.

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