Custom Websites vs Website Builders

Are you creating a new website? When you’re weighing your options, know what you want to get out of your site before you go with a custom website or a template website builder.

Website Builders (Template)

Going with a website builder has its benefits. It’s generally a cheaper option, fairly easy to use for those who aren’t familiar with coding languages and fast to create. A website builder is a tool that has a design template and coding in place, allowing you to bypass the process of building and designing a website with a pre-made set functional design.
Though it is cheaper and faster, there are also reason to not choose a website builder. Because it is a pre-set template, it is generally a more generic design. To a trained eye, it is easy to spot a template site. Website templates offer poor SEO, which leads to fewer views and potential sales.
If you want your website to serve the purpose of making money, it would be a good idea to invest in it—both time and money. However, if your site is a small business, non-profit, personal blog, or something else that may not have the funds to invest, a template can be a good place to start.

Custom Websites

Custom websites made by a professional designer can take your vision and turn it into a reality. You can have a unique design for your site that will set you apart from competitors. If you are hoping to make money off of your websites, you will need to invest money into your site.
Consider the opportunity cost of a custom and professional looking website. It will likely cost more upfront, though with time will likely bring you more revenue. With customized SEO built into your site, it can be structured to optimize keywords to rank your site higher on search engines like Google. Bring more traffic to a professionally built and a professional looking site with a custom build site.

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