Content Marketing: How to Come Up with Blog Topics

Content Marketing: How to Come Up with Blog Topics

Website content is critical for indexing and ranking on search engines, but writing takes skill and dedication. So how do you generate blog topics?

We create and direct content here at REVITY Marketing Agency, so we know how difficult it can be to consistently create quality content without growing stale and repetitive. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your creativity when you need to come up with new and interesting content.

How to Come Up with Blog Topics

Ranking Keywords

Start with the specific keywords which you’d like to rank for on a search engine. Be sure to cover all of your services or goods, as well as the adjacent terms. Individual blog posts covering different elements and features of each service is the best place to start. Then consider topics that compare or contrast different products or services that you and others offer.


Once you’ve covered all the bases of the products and services that your company offers, you can brainstorm topics that could educate your potential customers. What do people need to know about your industry? What have you learned in the course of running your business?  You may also want to use blog posts to share more about your company—an origin story, get to know us, highlights and accomplishments, etc.


Using eye-catching media is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Consider topics that could be covered using media. Infographics, animations, videos, podcasts, and other forms of creative media can help you create new content and come up with fresh ideas.

Curated Content

Sometimes the best way to create content is not to create it at all. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, curate content that would be interesting to your potential clients. Find “5 Accounts to Follow for _____ Inspiration” or “What Industry Experts Have To Say About ____.”


Use the upcoming season, holidays, and other events to drive content. For example, if you offer kitchen & bathroom cabinetry, you might write about ways to decorate your kitchen for Christmas or how to best spring clean your bathroom. Think about what might be on your clients’ minds as you work your way through the calendar, and create content to match.

Hot Content

Think about the viral content of the day. Are there any ways you can incorporate your industry or expertise into a highly clickable format? How-to guides are both useful and popular. Listicles featuring the Top 10 (or any number) of anything will catch attention.


Now we are not advocating plagiarism in any form. We simply mean that you can find creative ideas and inspiration by looking following the lead of other successful businesses. Read the websites and blogs of industry leaders and your direct competitors. Rewrite and repurpose what you find to work for your needs—just keep it original and give credit when you can.

Content is King

REVITY Marketing Agency can help you tackle your website content and improve the way you show up on the internet. Our content specialists can brainstorm relevant blog topics to make your business’s website fun and interesting to read. See more about our services and reach out to find solutions for your marketing.

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