Paul Mitchell the School CASE STUDY

Social Media, Paid Advertising, SEO, Lead Generation

Paul Mitchell the School (several locations)

We did work for several locations of this franchised business. The schools depend upon enrollment to stay profitable. This is a high ticket item (between $6,000-$20,000 depending on location and program) so leads are highly valuable. We were tasked with generating qualified leads. We saw significant increase in year-over-year leads for all locations.

The Plan

The customer came to us after discovering our ad on a local news station website. 

After experiencing some initial successes with Social ads the customer asked that Revity help optimize the ads and ad spend.  We were able to see some opportunities in both the ads copy and creative. We wanted to restructure the audiences and set up FB remarketing opportunities.

Another opportunity Revity was able to identify was organizing the cultivation of their loyal audience through email communications.  Our plan was to cultivate the audience through buyback campaigns, abandon carts, and product upgrade opportunities.  Then to eventually start an email series for weekly, monthly, and holiday sales.

Keto Chow had already started the process of updating their branding style and Revity was able to help implement those changes on the marketing side along with assisting in a successful homepage redesign, logo swap animation, and new general assets.

The Result

Bottom Line: 274% Increase In Revenue


What this Client said

So the player can actually get to play through me, I am the first player, and of course I've got some boys with me, 3 other guys, all dressed up with an array of missiles and weapons, it looks to be a very very exciting game! "
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