5 Things To Remember When Posting on Instagram For a Business

Instagram can be your friend or your foe depending on how you’re using it. When used well, this platform with over 800 million users can be used as a great marketing asset for your company. Today, we’re sharing some tips to ensure you are representing your company well on Instagram and reaping the benefits.  

1. Quality Imagery Goes A Long Way.

Photo quality is extremely important when posting on Instagram. Because it is such a visually heavy platform, if you’re post isn’t eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, it will likely get scrolled past. It may be tempting to just snap a quick photo and click post but taking the time to create a high-quality image to represent your business and brand will pay off as you consistently produce quality over fast quantity.

2. Remember Your Grid.

When someone looks are your company’s Instagram profile, the first thing they will see is your grid. This includes all your previous Instagram posts put together in a continuous grid-style format. People are much more likely to click “follow” if they see consistent and beautiful content. You can improve your grid by posting high-quality photos that match a specific theme, preferably a theme that represents your company and brand. One way to achieve this may include using the same filter or edits to create congruence.

3. Pay Attention To When You Post.

Your post will perform better when it has high engagement. This is more likely to happen at certain times of the day or night. The best time for you to post may vary based on your target audience. Do some research to find out when the most beneficial time is for you or try posting at a few different times of day to see when you get the most engagement.

4. Use Tagging and Geotagging To Your Benefit.

Take advantage of the tagging and geotagging features on Instagram to boost your engagement with very little effort! You can tag another account in your caption as well as in your photo. When you tag an account in your photo, it will always show up on their profile as a photo they have been tagged in, thus creating an opportunity for more users to find your post and profile. Similarly, when you use a geotag (aka tagging your location) other users can find your post when they search for the location you’ve tagged. These are some easy to use features that can increase your reach.

5. Engage With Your Followers.

Engagement is key when it comes to Instagram. Your post will live longer and reach a wider audience when followers engage with it. Engagement includes likes and comments. Give your followers a reason to comment and respond to their comments! Post relatable content that gives followers an incentive to like and comment.


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