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Why Should You Work With One of the

Premier Digital Marketing Agencies?

With a collective 80 plus years of experience, a talented team that goes above and beyond, and the best marketing practices in the industry, you can’t go wrong with REVITY. We’re more than a marketing agency; we’re a trend-setter.

As we continuously learn about marketing strategies and how we can combine those with our skills and expertise while keeping up-to-date on the latest and greatest in marketing, we can benefit our clients and ensure successful marketing campaigns.

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Costs of In-House Marketing

SEO Specialist - $3,500
SEM Specialist - $4,000
Content Director - $3,500
Social Ads Specialist - $4,100
Graphic Designer - $5,100
Marketing Manager - $5,900
Internal Marketing Team - $26,100 Monthly

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Benefits of Revity

SEO Specialist - Included
SEM Specialist - Included
Content Writer - Included
Social Ads Specialist - Included
Graphic Designer - Included
Marketing Account Manager - Included
Agency Price - $2,500- $15,000 Monthly

Have you ever wanted to start_____ For YOUR business?

Search Engine Marketing


Want quick results? Investing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can yield quick, quality results. Often called PPC or Google Ads, SEM involves bidding for ad space on search engines (like Google and Bing).

Social Media Marketing

Whether you choose to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, we ensure your posts market your brand with relevant hashtags and engaging content that increases traffic and interest.

Content Marketing

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Blogs, emails, or other content are excellent sources of informative content that speaks to your passion and voice. With our team of talented writers, your content will engage, inspire, and make a statement.

Conversion Rate Optimization

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Improved customer insights, better scalability, enhanced user experience, and more, drives our strategy that leads to an increased percentage of your website traffic, with the ultimate goal of conversion.

Email Marketing

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Get your potential and current customers on-board and in the loop by email marketing. Send ads, request business, or ask for donations to build trust, loyalty, and brand awareness.


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Propel your company to the top of search engines with proven search engine marketing that includes optimization and monetization. Trending keywords in content help boost your company’s search rankings.​

Experience the REVITY difference

REVITY marketing Agency can do all of the above-mentioned and more. We take industry-leading practices and strategies and combine them with our skills and expertise for our clients. We ensure your marketing efforts are implemented to the fullest and with the best results possible.

You can count on the integrity of our agency that includes trust, communication, and, most of all, results. It’s your vision, mission, passion, and voice that makes you unique. Let’s work together to make your dreams a reality.

Our Process

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1. planning

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2. research

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4. results

When you become our client, we learn all the ins and outs of your business and what your goals are, so that we can not just meet but exceed them in all areas of marketing.

We know you have daily choices to make that factor into the success of your business. With REVITY, we discuss those options and implement what YOU want.

Our marketing practices and strategies have been tested and executed with proven success, so when you choose REVITY Marketing Agency, you know you’re getting the best.

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Using REVITY as our digital advertising company was one of the best decisions I could have made. My only regret is I didn’t start with them a year ago. They have been so helpful and personal in guiding me. I love all of the staff and how attentive they are to my needs. They have been great at walking me through some of the things I didn’t understand. Absolutely recommend 100% !!!!
Kevin Thacker
Kevin Thacker
01:37 04 May 19
I have been working with Jason for only a short time and have been very impressed. As a business owner its important to be able to get a quick response when you have questions. Jason as been quick to respond when I get a hold of him for all of my SEO needs. I highly recommend REVITY.
Lance Gilbert
Lance Gilbert
13:46 11 May 19
Fantastic service! Revity helped work some issues I had with my website and made marketing over in the web so easy! Jason Ryser is definitely a master of the art and down to earth. Super easy to work with. Definitely understood the issues/concerns I had pushing my business forward through marketing and helped chisel the path forward. I really appreciate their knowledge and staff. Made my life easy!Will continue doing business with them for all my website/marketing designs and adventures.
Cadmus Handpiece Repair
Cadmus Handpiece Repair
21:36 30 Mar 19
I believe it is rare to partner with a company that cares enough to understand you completely. So much so, that they perform exactly as you yourself would if you had their collective experience and knowledge. Once the team understands your vision, the experts are on the team to create a road-map and take the actions to help you get there!
Justin Finney
Justin Finney
20:36 21 Dec 18
Honest, hard working, and have provided me a great value for the money spent. No empty promises, but they track results back to actual sales not just likes and views. I know where my money is being spent and the monetary results I receive from the money I spend. Highly recommend these guys!
Rod Skyles
Rod Skyles
03:21 21 Dec 18
The people at Revity are focused on their clients needs and do so with integrity. They have a huge knowledge base and exceptional talent.
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman
21:44 12 Sep 19
Have really helped with SEO. ALSO is helpful to have phone calls recorded.
Dick Jorgenson
Dick Jorgenson
18:10 04 Sep 19
Love REVITY. They’ve help with my google ranking and always willing to do more if needed. Highly recommended.
Jeff Ford
Jeff Ford
01:14 26 Sep 19
Revenue with Integrity! Fair and individualized service plan is so helpful Important for any business that wants to grow with increasing reputation.
Paul Waldron
Paul Waldron
14:57 01 Oct 19
Skyler and Revity know their stuff! That knowledge equates to better marketing and leads. Thanks!
14:45 01 Oct 19
Top notch service from Revity! I needed help getting an app launched and they put us on the map! Everything from helping our branding, creating a promo video, optimizing our ads and social media reach. This was all done in a matter of two weeks! They give you that small company personal touch packed with the knowledge and expertise of a marketing enterprise. Use their services, you won’t regret it!
Kenny Nielsen
Kenny Nielsen
13:11 06 Nov 19
I own a restoration business and I am so happy with my results , with this company . Jason is amazing and has walked me through everything and has been very patient with me on understanding this complicated Webb design development ... I am so happy with the results I have received for my CompanyMike Shurtliff
Mike Shurtliff
Mike Shurtliff
22:56 02 Jun 20
Jason Reyser has been amazing to work with. Their agency has definitely made positive results happen for our company.
Mike Shirtliff
Mike Shirtliff
02:29 15 Jun 20
If your looking for a great SEO company look no further!
cyle williams
cyle williams
20:07 29 Jun 20
I have been with Revity going on 7 years now. They have always been complete professionals and the results are always amazing. I would recommend them to anybody!!
Joe Solmonsen
Joe Solmonsen
02:36 15 Jul 20
Revity is a valued business partner! They have helped us obtain an ROI for Facebook. Instagram and Google. We sincerely appreciate their professionalism and insight!Best,Randy MossCo-CEO and Co-Founder of Teenology
Randy Moss
Randy Moss
04:22 05 Sep 20
I've been working with Jason and Skylar for over two years, most recently with a new business I'm launching. They were able to take my vision for the website and surpass all of my expectations. Receiving my updates from Skylar have become the inspiration that I've needed to keep my focus on my goals. I'm grateful to have them and their team as a company I can rely on and trust.
Raquel Acevedo
Raquel Acevedo
04:23 24 Oct 20
Prior to REVITY our company worked with two distinguished marketing firms that controlled our data and gave us no visibility to the budget allocation and strategy.We’ve been with REVITY for almost 4 years now. It has been such a pleasant experience working with Jason, Skyler, and their staff. They’re responsive, competent, and provide best practices to their customers. They have delivered full transparency in paid ads, target strategies, data, SEO growth, and most importantly we’ve had consistent high conversation rates. I would high recommend them as they provide competitive and exceptional service!
Diane Acevedo
Diane Acevedo
04:56 24 Oct 20
Highly recommend Revity. We're extremely pleased with the results Jason, Rebecca, and the team, have produced for our small business. We were always hesitant to hire an agency but wish we would have done so earlier. After researching several agencies and meeting with Jason, Revity was the perfect fit for us. Revity has increased the traffic to our website substantially and is helping us build a marketing list that continues to produce results. I'm very impressed with Jason's knowledge and suggestions for how to grow our business and appreciate his team's genuine concern for clients. Thank you!!!
Michele Sly
Michele Sly
20:34 07 Jan 21
Revity did a great job working with my business. They helped built my website and are currently doing seo and backlinks to help us grow. I highly recommend Revity to anyone looking for some sort of marketing. You will not be disappointed!
Trevor Baggett
Trevor Baggett
15:31 06 Jan 21