3 Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

As a business owner, you try to utilize as many marketing strategies as possible. You know the importance of social media and why you should optimize your website. You’ve learned search engine optimization basics and you regularly update the blog on your website.

You also take advantage of email marketing. If you feel your current strategy isn’t working as well as it could, you may ask yourself how you can improve the effectiveness of this particular marketing strategy.

You can find plenty of free web optimization websites and even some of the top 10 SEO tips online, but for three ways to increase your email click-through rate look no further.

The goal of email marketing is to gain subscribers that receive your email. Then, you need those subscribers to click your links and ultimately lead to sales. Without those clicks, you’re not going to be making any money. This is why having a good click-through rate is so important.

1. Clear Message

The first way to increase your click-through rate is to make sure you have a clear message. Your message should be clear to yourself and also those receiving your emails. First, ask yourself what you are hoping to accomplish with your email. Is it simply to get more traffic to your website? Is it to increase sales of a particular item? Is it to fill out a survey? Your goal may change from each email campaign to the next, but make sure that you have a single goal with each email you send out.
Then, you need to make sure that goal is clear to those who receive your email. One way you can do this is with good preview text. The trick is to give enough information so that readers know what to expect, but you also want to make sure it is interesting enough that it gives incentive to open the email.

2. Call-to-Action

Once the email has been opened, it’s important to have a strong call-to-action. One great way to increase your call to action is to phrase the desire in a way that the person reading it would say it. For example, instead of “your”, try “my”. Try to peak interest with a little bit of a cliffhanger, but avoid too much suspense or you’ll be in danger or creating clickbait which will hurt your click-through rate more than it will help.

3. Make It Easy

Lastly, once you have created a clear message and goal for your email and have a strong call-to-action, you want to make it easy for subscribers to take action. This means going back to some search engine optimization basics and testing your emails on multiple devices. Making sure your emails are accessible from any type of device, whether that is a desktop computer or a mobile device, is one of a few great website optimization techniques that will help make it easy for email subscribers to take action. Make sure the text is easy to read (especially after you put so much time into creating a strong and intriguing message!). Make sure links are easy to find and click and include photos and other interesting information if appropriate.


Jason Ryser

Jason Ryser